Finally a 10 week programme that guarantees healthy, safe & realistic weight loss results


The average weight loss on the LiYF programme is 7–15% of your current body weight. Each one of us is different. However, the LiYF programme has successfully achieved 7–15% weight loss in 97.6% of all customers. You too can achieve these results.

Natural Science

LiYF is a scientifically designed, 100% natural pogramme that combines very specific foods & our unique LiYF sprays to change the way your body processes food. 


As the programme targets FAT, you will retain your muscle mass. Our low calorie diet requires you to use your calories wisely, so only mild cardio exercise is permitted.

Recommended by over 500 doctors

Recommended by doctors to help overweight and obese patients to produce quick and healthy results


Seeing physical changes is one of the most rewarding benefits of the LiYF programme. By actually seeing your waistline reduce you know you are move towards your personal goals and feel a sense of satisfaction. Not only can you see daily physical changes to your body shape, our customers have also seen improvements to their skin.


To ensure that you get the most out of the LiYF weight loss programme, one to one support from your own dedicated weight loss counselor (WLC) will be available. Your WLC is a qualified dietician who will be on hand to provide daily weight loss analysis, advice and guidance to support you throughout the programme.


With the LiYF Weight Loss Programme results are guaranteed! 

We believe in our product and promise to give you your money back if for any reason you’re not happy within 14 days of starting the programme.

T&C’s apply.

The average cost of dieting in the UK is between £1,400 to £3,600 per year.

This does not include gym membership or personal training.


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LiYF for £750

By clicking on the "buy now" button you confirm you do not have any of the following conditions:

  • BMI below 25

  • Any Kidney or Liver problems

  • Any cancer

  • Or are pregnant

Your WLC will be in contact during the registration process