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Does Yoga actually benefit you?

Yoga aids in controlling a person’s body, mind and soul. It brings the physical and mental discipline together to soothe the body and mind. It also aids in managing stress and anxiety and keeps you relaxed. Yoga asana are known to develop vigor, flexibility and confidence. Benefits of Yoga

  • Improves flexibility of muscles

  • Corrects the posture and alignment of the body

  • Renders better digestive system

  • Strengthens internal organs

  • Cures asthma

  • Cures diabetes

  • Helps in curing heart related problems

  • Helps in skin glow

  • Promotes strength and stamina

  • Tones internal organs

  • Improves concentration

  • Helps in mind and thought control

  • Keeps mind calm by overcoming anxiety, stress and depression

  • Helps in releasing tension

  • Helps in blood circulation and muscle relaxation

  • Weight reduction

  • Protection from injury

These are among the numerous benefits of yoga. Yoga focuses on your natural tendency towards health and self-healing. Click here to find out how LiYF can help you get healthy. Yoga originated in ancient India thousands of years ago, long before the first religion or belief system was born. It is believed that Shiva is the first Yogi or Adiyogi and the first guru. Thousands of years ago, on the banks of Lake Kantisarovar in Himalayas, Adiyogi shared his knowledge into legendary seven sages as it was hard to put all his wisdom and knowledge in one person. The sages took this powerful yogic science to various parts of the world, including Asia, North Africa, Middle East, and South America. India is blessed to have found the yogic system in its fullest expression. Read original article

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