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  • What makes LiYF different to other diets?
    During the 10 week programme you will be guided through a daily meal plan which: Its a 10 week programme and the kit contains everyything you need to complete the programme. No further supplements are required after the 10 weeks. You keep the weight off afterwards (as long as you don't overeat). Get expert advice by a qualified nutrutionist. The daily meal plan consists of 2 x protein shakes, 2 x light meals & 2 x main meals per day. LiYF only targets the fat in your body. Muscle mass is retained. 97% success rate
  • What are the LiYF Sprays?
    The unique LiYF sprays are a natural blend of vitamins, amino acids & minerals to assist you through the LiYF Weight Loss Programme. One of the sprays is designed to enhance your metabolism while the other spray targets weight loss - Fat loss to be precise!
  • How safe is the LiYF weight loss programme?
    Not only is the LiYF weight loss programme safe but it is made from naturally occurring ingredients, halal certified & vegetarian friendly. Available in several countries worldwide without any known side effects. In India alone our main point of sale is through medical centres and doctors.
  • What does RevitaLiYF do?
    RevitaLiYF is made of the 2 best known anti-oxidents which allow the cells in your body to produce more energy. When the cells in your body naturally produce more energy, your whole body including your cardiovascular, nervous, immune, digestive and reproductive systems function better. If you are over the age of 35 then you most certainly will benefit from taking RevitaLiYF. Its that simple.

1. I had been trying different dieting regimes but none worked for me . I would loose and put back on weight .

2. It was hard but the support as well the nutritionist support made a difference . 

3. I feel confident , feel great with my new found self after all the weight loss . 


Highly recommend LiYF to anyone who seriously wants to make a difference to their life ! 

47, NHS Clinical Director

Weight before: After:= loss of 12.3kg

Waist before: After: = loss of 7.5 inches


In my time I have tried every diet you can think of, from the Atkins diet to the British Heart Foundation diet.  I used to be a size 12, but over the last five years my weight ballooned and I went up to a size 18-20. Sadly, the ‘before’ photo is proof. 

When I heard about the LiYF programme I was sceptical, but I really needed something to kick me back into shape. The programme claims to help you lose 6-16kg with very little exercise, which is good for me because I’m allergic to the gym!

The diet was simple to follow. The meal planner made things really easy and the support from my weight loss counsellor was superb. All my questions and queries were answered really quickly. 

It took me time to get used to the meal plan but I was surprised to find that I wasn’t left hungry. I thought giving up carbs and sugar was going to be extremely difficult but I was proved wrong. Filling up on salad was more than enough and my stomach shrunk quickly. 

I took the protein shakes and sprays, which tasted a little funny but were easy to administer and knowing that I would lose at least 6kg literally made them easier to swallow. 

“I have found my cheekbones and waist”

After 10 weeks I dropped three dress sizes, lost 7.5 inches from my waist and 12.3kg. I have continued to lose weight and three weeks after finishing the programme I can now fit into my size 12 trousers and I have lost an amazing 19kg in total! 

I have found my cheekbones and my waist under the fat I had and I have lost my treble chin. The transformation has boosted my confidence and I feel on top on the world. My family and friends tell me I look amazing and ask how I did it.

I never once imagined I could achieve these results. I needed a miracle and got it in the form of LiYF. The programme has changed my eating habits, and although I do still enjoy the odd naughty food it is limited. 

I love my shape now and I aim to keep it.


50, Logistics

I had seen LiYF been successfully used by 2 friends and the results were astounding.  Seeing them everyday lose the weight and then (more importantly) keep it off.  I knew I had found something I was looking for about 5 weeks before my wedding day.


I lost almost 2 stone in the 5 weeks and as well as the weight loss.  I had more energy and I educated myself on what is good for us to eat and the things we don’t really need and can live without.


Now I’ve done this program (only one I have ever done and my wife also did it successfully!) I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is looking for something that works and helps you maintain a balanced lifestyle.  


Anything that changes your life for the better and is worth the money!  


38, Managaing Director

I had always been against diets because I believed that they only work by following a strict regime or changing your whole lifestyle, which I’m not good at. 

But when my weight went up to 10 stones and my BMI became high, a friend suggested that I try the LiYF weight loss programme.


I didn’t know how it would go because I am a 53-year-old single mum, who is potentially going through menopause, is a vegetarian, loves food, despises salads, has never been on a diet and hates exercise!

The first two days were fun because I could eat as much junk food as I wanted. But the meal plan came as a shock – I found it difficult to know what to eat and cutting out milk and sugar from my tea and coffee was very hard for me. 

At first my weight didn’t drop at the expected rate. I was hungry and craved food and I was told to do some mild exercise, which is something that I hate. But my weight loss counsellor was brilliant. She encouraged and motived me. The sprays curbed my hunger and I got used to eating small amounts often. I actually ate more than I did before, just different types of food. 

“The same weight I was at 20!”

The perseverance was worth it and I can honestly say that the programme is the best thing I’ve ever done. In 10 weeks I lost four inches from my waist, my BMI went down and I now weigh eight stones – the same weight I was at 20-years-old! 

The programme is well worth the money spent. It has taught me about portion control, how to cook differently and how foods affect the body.


The best thing is that I haven't put any weight back on in two months and I’m still losing a small amount of weight. I’ve cut back on sugar but generally I eat what I want and now my body craves more savoury, healthier foods.  


I get so many people commenting on how good I look and how my skin is glowing and healthy. I've had an excuse to get a new wardrobe too. I feel great and it's boosted by self-confidence.


53, Pharmacist

I wasn’t over weight when starting but wanted to improve my health. A great programme that actually works. Dropped 7kg but also felt much better in my self.

I use the Bodytrax system at our gym and noted that I managed to take 5 years off my Metabolic age as well. The weight loss also helped me to reduce 5mins from my 5k running time as I was lighter on my feet. 

Having a consultant on hand over WhatsApp was really handy as I could ask questions and they were also on hand for general advice. 

It’s been 5 months since finishing the programme and the weight has still stayed off. As I’ve followed the maintenance advice going forward. 

Would highly recommend LiYF to any one looking at getting into shape.


37, Managaing Director

Wow what can I say ... I was a little sceptical at first!  I'd done every diet possible and this includes shakes.  But, eating and no exercise ... would this work??

I went to get weighed and pick up my pack. 

Day 1,  to be honest I heaved at the drink and sprays - it does get better!   I'm not a picker having to have something every few hours did take a bit of getting used too, the key is planning and setting reminders on my phone.

Day 2, I lost my first kilo!  it really is that fast and so, the LIYF programme started - I honestly didn't expect results that quickly, especially when I wasn't hungry and had plenty to eat!  The loss kept me motivated to take it a day at a time, eager to see the weight loss every morning. 

I had my coach for daily support and also Vimal was at the end of the phone which was a great.

The first month the kilo's dropped off rapidly, then I hit a plateau - but, with a quick call to Vimal -  I was back on track!  After the first month, people started to notice and I started to walk more without being in constant pain.  The next month I measured myself and I had already lost 10 inches from my chest! Woo hoo the inches were falling off, too.  I started to wear clothes I hadn't been able to get into and going out again. 

It's a fantastic programme and I'm so glad I'm living it now, I lost just over 10kg, I feel fantastic and I've started to feel like my old self again!  to be honest I could have lost more - but, for a planned hospital procedure.  Now, back on track and life is good!


49, Sales

I have been struggling with my weight for last 15 years ,have always tried different diets and lost weight but have always put it right back on,I use to fluctuate 10 to 15 kilos over a period of few months ,and could never maintain the weight I lose,

But first time in 15 years I have been alble to maintain what I have lost
Have come down from 101 kg to 81 kgs

And probably will lose more ,this is an amazing product and will highly recommend LiYF to anyone who is planning to kick start their diet and healty lifestyle.


37, Music Producer

I have never been one to look at food and think ‘I shouldn't eat that’. I’ve always eaten whatever I wanted, I’ve never dieted in my life and I have never been a member of a gym. Doing the LiYF programme really was a first for me. 


My sister and I did the programme together, which was great because we cooked together and motivated each other. The meals we prepared were tasty and educated me on the amount of food that your body requires. 


Following the meal plan didn’t feel like I was restricting my diet, I felt that I was eating healthy portions of the right kind of food. And I'm not a big drinker so cutting out alcohol wasn’t hard.


“Fitter and more confident”


After a few weeks of being on the diet I had already lost a considerable amount of weight and by the end of the 10 weeks I lost 16.5kg and four inches from my waist. This was without doing lots of strenuous exercise but instead eating healthily and going for a walk after dinner. 


I finished the LiYF programme two weeks ago and although I’ve had a little junk food, my weight has not increased. If anything, I feel that I am still losing weight. I feel a lot fitter, my confidence has grown and I feel more comfortable going swimming with my daughter. 


I had never been conscious of my weight before. I’d look at others and think ‘he’s bigger than me so I’m not that bad’. But now I look back at pictures and realise I was quite overweight. 


At the beginning of the programme I bought a slim fit shirt that was too small for me and I promised myself that by the end of the programme I would be able to wear it. And now I can. 


I can say nothing but good things about this programme. The only downside is that most of my clothes do not fit me any more, but the upside is that I love going shopping for clothes now that I’m a lot slimmer. 


49, NOC Manager

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