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Premium Supplements


for a healthier life

Loose up to 15kg
in 10 weeks

A unique weight loss programme with guaranteed results within 10 weeks. Complimented with your own Weight Loss Counsellor to provide expert nutritional advice and ensure maximum results.  100% natural, vegetarian & halal friendly our programme guarantees results or your money back!

Are you among the thousands of people that have been told that they have poor egg quality or inadequate sperm health?


Perhaps you are over the age of 35 and trying to conceive.


If this is you, ProFLiYF can greatly increase your chances of successful conception and a healthy baby. 

Reproductive health
& fertility

As your body ages it will be producing less and less of the nutrients it requires to help you live a full and energetic life.


As we get older our bodies need more care, help and attention. RevitaLiYF assists positively towards your body producing the energy it needs.

Energise your body
Female wellness

Living with PCOS means different things to different women. This is because women experience the condition in different ways and have severe or lesser symptoms depending on their individual conditions.


LiYFcycle you can help you decrease or eliminate PCOS symptoms and increase your quality of life. LiYFcycle can treat symptoms such as irregular periods, acne, excess hair, and elevated blood sugar amongst others.

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